• B17, and its active ingredient Methylene Chloride, has been banned by the EPA. FALSE. B17 and it’s main ingredient MCL is available for commercial and industrial use.
  • B17 needs heating. FALSE, effective range is 35-100 degrees
  • B17 needs diluting. FALSE. never add anything to B17 except more B17.
  • B17 causes birth defects. FALSE, competitor strippers using NMP have been found to cause birth defects but NOT B17.
  • B17 damages aluminum wheels. FALSE if used properly B17 will leave a microscopic etched finish that improves powder coat adhesion leaving a beautiful final finish. Never leave aluminum wheels in B17 overnight.
  • B17 causes cancer. FALSE Benco Sales is currently in discussion with the Federal EPA to clarify findings where assumptions were made without clear documentation. MCL is the most extensively tested product commercially available for stripping metal.

Benco Sales Reassures Customers: Methylene Chloride-Based Strippers Remain Available for Commercial Use