Kodak Study Verified Methylene Chloride Non Carcinogenic

If you were born before the 1970’s you probably think the term Kodak Moment is a warm and fuzzy image to capture on film. If you were born after the 90’s the term came to imply a missed opportunity—like when Kodak didn’t buy into digital technology. For Benco Sales a Kodak moment represents a full 30 year impact study regarding the use of and safety of Methylene Chloride (MCL), a chemical they used extensively in film manufacturing since 1891 and is used today in some Benco products.

The results of Kodak’s study by over 200 scientists showed no direct connection between an increase in human cancers and MCL exposure. Kodak further stated that “no study has found evidence that it (MCL) causes cancer in humans.” Benco looked and they’re correct.

Unable to definitively state that MCL causes cancer in humans the EPA has labeled it a “probable carcinogen” The EPA removed MCL from consumer shelves due to the danger of death from inhalation when using in confined spaces. If they believed it was carcinogenic they would have banned usage commercially as well.

As a responsible manufacturer and distributor of MCL based products we want to insure our customers are using our products responsibly and safely. ANY stripper can cause great harm upon contact or inhalation. Proper procedures must be followed. Benco has provided an overview page (link) on our website for safe and proper practices when using MCL based strippers. Before using any stripper please read all SDS included with shipments.