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B17e Eco-Strip Rave Reviews


Warren Ellis From Wellis Alloy Wheel Repair and Powder Coating, Saint Charles, IL

Started in 2005, Wellis Inc. serves northern Illinois and Indianapolis Indiana for wheel repair and powder coati ...

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Rev’n up Sales

Meet Phil Strieter, Benco’s new Sales Manager  Phil may ...

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New Non-Methylene Chloride Metal Stripper 

Announcing B17e — The e stands for environment as it’s safer and shares the water rinse characteristic of its big brother B17. The e can also be said to represent economy since B17e is priced at nearly 1/2 that of the competi ...

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Buy your paint stripper from a big box store?

Recently the EPA banned the use of Methylene Chloride, the active ingredient in many paint strippers, from retail stores. If you are a professional with a business ID number you can buy even better quality paint and varnish removers from Benco Sales. Benco ...

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MIT halts online sales of Methylene Chloride

For the past year Benco has partnered with MIT for online sales of our strippers. Due to new regulations that prohibit the retail sale of Methylene Chloride MIT will no longer be able to provide this service as they are recognized as a retail supplier. Thes ...

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