Semi Gloss/Satin Nitrocellulose Precatalyzed Lacquers

  • High quality, durable Precatalyzed finishes for improved performance and durability for finishing interior wood products.
  • These Precatalyzed lacquers contain ureaformaldehyde resin cross-linked by sulfonic acid catalyst. Formaldehyde levels in the product are low.
  • Blush resistant, rapid drying coatings with excellent cold check resistance, excellent print resistance and excellent adhesion.
  • Provides improved resistance to household chemicals.
  • Excellent mar resistance, chemical and water resistant film.


  • UV resistant, Mar Resistant, Chemical and Moisture Resistant
  • M75 –  60 sheen ( Gloss is 60 degrees)
  • Weight Solids—22 – 24%
  • Viscosity—30-35 seconds # Zahn
  • Recommended Film Thickness—5-6 mils wet <ax 3 mils dry film thickness
  • Drying time (72F) To touch—5-10 minutes
  • To handle—10-20 minutes
  • To recoat—20 minutes
  • To sand—20 minutes
  • Flash Point—Less than 73 degrees F
  • VOC Content—658 grams / liter


  • Available—1 gallon and 5 gallon pails

Notice: During excessive summer heat we will not be able to ship 5 gallon pails via ground deliveries or dums via common carrier deliveries. Please contact Benco for arranging your shipment on a Benco refrigerated truck.

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