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B17e Eco-Strip Rave Reviews


Warren Ellis From Wellis Alloy Wheel Repair and Powder Coating, Saint Charles, IL

Started in 2005, Wellis Inc. serves northern Illinois and Indianapolis Indiana for wheel repair and powder coating specializing in high-end wheels.

“We are on day 90 and have added only 5 gallons of fresh chemicals to replace the sludge. So far there has been no degradation of the product. No reduction in strip times. Average strip time is around 1.5 hours including German and European epoxies. Better than 90% are stripped in less time. We do not seem to be having any evaporation. Tank heat is set at 185 degrees.

Our decision to clean out our stripping tanks and try B17e Eco-Strip wasn’t made lightly.  Chemical cost was the deciding factor to give it a try. B17e Eco Strip is literally half the cost of my old chemical and Benco claimed it would be at least twice as fast. Numbers don’t lie. B17e Eco-Strip has consistenly been at least 2 times faster than GreenSolv for all type wheels.

We were pleasantly surprised at the lack of a strong odor we had with our old chemical. This lets me sleep easier not worrying about complaints from neighbors.

Clean up is simplified as wheels come out with only a slight film that is easily washed off with mild pressure washing. Old finishes become a very fine sludge that even after 4 months of constant use amounted to only 5 gallons of fine debris. We let the debris dry completely before disposing and siphon the clean chemical back into our stripping tank for resuse.”

B17e Eco-Strip is the culmination of 5 years of development with a chemical formula that is 50 state EPA legal, eco-friendly and very effective at removing modern finishes.

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